An Epcot Puzzle – Part 3

I am on vacation for a week and so I thought I would do something a little different on A Goofy Idea. A few years back I wrote a children’s story for National Novel Writing Month. It follows three siblings as they solve puzzles at Walt Disney World. It is happy and clever, two words that I hope describe A Goofy Idea. So, for your reading enjoyment I am giving you the Epcot Puzzle in five parts. I hope you enjoy it and maybe you can share it with a kid you know. As always feel free to comment on my website. Happiness squared.


An Epcot Puzzle

by Jennifer Vandenberg

Part 3

“Excuse me. Are you Misty Basset?”
            Misty looked up at the Cast Member standing before her and nodded. He smiled. “Welcome to The Land. I hear you are good at finding clues.”
            “I am.” Gus and Jim joined her. “We all are.”
            “Well, I’m glad to hear it. Not just anyone can solve this secret.”
            He handed Misty an envelope similar to the last one. The last one was red and this one was blue with their names written on it. Misty took it and smiled big. “Thank you.”
            “You’re welcome. Keep smiling. You never know what will happen.”
            “I will.” She turned to Gus and Jim and showed them the envelope.
            “Well, don’t just stand there. Open it,” Jim said.
            Misty carefully removed the sticker from the back. This one had Simba on it. She took out a piece of paper and held it out to Jim. “Read what it says.”
            “This will solve any problem and turn any frown upside down. Whether you soar through the air or keep your feet on the ground you’ll find this in use whenever you see an answer.”
            Misty asked him to read it again and he did. “Well, that’s confusing.”
            “I agree,” Gus said. “What can turn a frown upside down?”
            “What are you asking?” Dad said as he joined them with the Fastpass tickets.
            “We got another secret message,” Misty said. She shook her head. “But we don’t understand it.”
            “We know that an upside-down frown is a smile, but what makes a smile?” Gus asked.
            “Laughing makes me smile,” Grandpa said.
            Jim read the note again. “No. That works for one clue, but laughter doesn’t solve problems or help see an answer.”
            “Maybe the answer is on a ride,” Dad said. “Like in Turtle Talk with Crush.”
            Mom and Grammy joined them then. They looked at the letter and agreed they didn’t have an answer although Grammy said that grandkids turn her frown upside down.
            Misty shook her head. “I don’t think that’s the answer, Grammy.”
            They flipped a coin and went on the boat ride, Living on the Land, first. Misty thought the gigantic squash were cool. Gus liked the hydroponics and Jim liked the fish ponds. They then watched the Circle of Life which was a movie about caring for the earth starring the characters from the Lion King. Everyone agreed it was sad and funny.
            Since they still had a half hour until their Fastpass time arrived they headed for Sunshine Seasons and had a mid-morning snack. After enjoying  muffins, juice, and coffee it was finally time to go on Soarin’. Misty tried not to be unhappy as she stood aside with Grammy, but it was hard. Jim gave her the note to make her feel better, but she still wished she could go.
            “Let’s go over to the exit and wait for them there,” Grammy said. Misty nodded. They went over to the hallway and stood off to the side. Misty was bored and decided to wander around. She promised Grammy she would stay in view.
            By the entrance to Soarin’ a Cast Member was talking to a Guest. It was the same Cast Member who had given her the note. She wandered over and heard him telling the Guest a story about Soarin’.
            “This ride wouldn’t even exist if not for imagination. They were having problems designing it so an imagineer went home and pulled out his old erector set. Using his imagination he built a movable model very similar to what Soarin’ looks like today. Instead of having to explain what happens on Soarin’ he just brought in his toy and showed everyone. His imagination solved the problem and showed him the answer.”
             The guest nodded and got in line for Soarin’. Misty slowly walked back to Grammy. She looked down at the note in her hand. She could read a little, but some of the words were big.

Did Misty find the answer? Find out in part 4 of An Epcot Puzzle!