Customize Your Disney Side

Disney side decal#DisneySide is Disney’s current promotional campaign. It encourages Guests to send in Disney photos and stories of how they celebrate all things Disney. I haven’t written much about this because I can’t visit the parks as much as I want to and I don’t spend much time on social media. However, that might change. I love seeing the stick families on the back of cars and of course my favorite ones are Disney stick figures. Now, with #DisneySide, anyone can create their own Disney stick figures. I had to try this out.

This was fun! I enjoyed designing my figures. If you want a locked item just click on a lock. They ask you for a little more information, but it was information they already had so I didn’t care and all the locks unlocked at once. When I was done I got to download my picture. I love it. I couldn’t order a decal (apparently lots of people have this problem) but I’m going to check back later to see if they have fixed it.

If you like doing fun creative Disney stuff for free I would check out this website. #DisneySide looks like a fun way to celebrate Disney every day. Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: If you want more Disney window decals you can buy them in the parks or at The ordinary ones are fine but I like the fun ones like this Haunted Mansion decal. It really shows your #DisneySide.