A Website for People Who Like to Plan

In my last post I gave the advantages and disadvantages to doing extensive planning ahead of time. Some people (me) love to plan and research a trip for months before I leave. Perhaps you would like to have a plan, but have no time or interest in doing the research yourself. You are in luck.

The website touringplans.com has plans that can be downloaded and they now have an app that can adapt a plan for you while you are in the parks. Along with the touring plans, they have a blog that you can sign up for so you’ll get up-to-date information about park time changes, ride closures, and advice on traveling in the parks. This site is a great resource for anyone visiting the Disney parks the first time or the hundredth time.

Goofy Joke: (I wouldn’t want you to forget to laugh while you’re doing all this planning)

Q: Why did Goofy stare at the label on the orange juice all day?
A: Because the carton said concentrate.