A Rainbow of Princesses: Green is Pocahontas

Do you know ROY G. BIV? Good ol’ Roy isn’t a who, but a what. It is how you can remember the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. I was thinking about these colors the other day and it made me think of Disney princesses. Certain princesses are known by their color; either the color of their hair, the color of their gown, or some other defining feature. So for seven posts we’re going to have fun exploring the colors of the rainbow, Disney princesses, and fun activities connected to them. Today we focus on green which reminded me of Pocahontas.

pocahontasPocahontas is not a traditional Disney princess movie, which may be why I love it so much. Pocahontas is a strong girl who tries to stradle the line between the traditions of her family and the new ideas of the colonists and John Smith. It also does not have a traditional princess ending, but I would say it has one of the most powerful endings of any Disney movie.

5 fun facts about Pocahontas:

1) This is one of the few Disney animated films inspired by real events.

2) Originally Meeko (the raccoon) and Flit (the hummingbird) were to speak, but it didn’t seem fitting.

3) This is the first time Mel Gibson sings in a movie (as John Smith)

4) Over 100,000 people came to the movie premier in Central Park. It holds the record for being the largest movie premier ever.

5) Production for Pocahontas started at the same time as The Lion King, but took 5 years to finish.

Another way this princess movie is different is the relationship between John Smith and Pocahontas. It is more a meeting of the minds rather than a boy sweeping a girl off her feet. I especially like that fact that not only does he change her ideas, but she changes his. Before meeting her John Smith thinks that he can do anything he wants in nature and it doesn’t matter. She opens his eyes to see the wonder, beauty, and magic of the natural world. I think we all need to experience nature and Pocahontas is the ideal princess to teach us how.

5 ways to enjoy nature like Pocahontas:

1) Go for a walk. This should be a daily event. Whether you walk in a park, or a National Park, try to walk in a natural space. Since I live in the northwest I go for many walks in the forest, but nature is everywhere. Take a walk in the desert and discover how many plants and animals live in this seemingly barren place. Or walk by water and listen to the music it makes. Every walk can be unique even if you walk the same path.

2) Experience different seasons. It’s easy to visit nature in the summertime, but nature is amazing year round. Why not take a walk in the spring and try to find the first flower? Or admire the bare trees in the wintertime. The road I like to walk goes along a very twisty creek, but I can only see it in the wintertime when the leaves are off the trees. The path in the summertime is like a tunnel. It is amazing year round.

3) Learn something. There are thousands of books and apps about nature topics. Pick one and go outside to learn. From identifying flowers to learning bird calls, nature can become much more special when you know what you are seeing and hearing.

4) Be quiet. Humans are noisy people. Even if we turn of the Ipods and smart phones we still make noise. We talk to each other, our clothes rustle, and our feet clop along. Once you have walked a while stop and try to listen to the world around you. Close your eyes and enjoy the silence. It probably won’t be as quiet as you think.

5) Paint with all the colors of the wind. This is my favorite song that Pocahontas sings. She means use your senses to experience nature, but it could be taken literally. Why not bring the beauty of nature back to your home by painting a picture, taking a photograph, or writing about what you see. There are endless ways to capture nature without harming it.

It is easy to get busy and never step outside. My daily task list is very long, but I make sure to put “go for a walk” on it. I always come back refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of my day. Make a plan to experience nature every day, by yourself and with your family. Just beware of sneaky raccoons. Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: Pocahontas is not a regular character at most of the meet and greets in the parks. I really wanted to meet her and get her autograph since she is one of my favorite princesses. I caught up with her at the Conservation Station at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This tucked away area should not be missed, although it often is because you have to take a train to get there.

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