Lose Weight and Save Money for Your Disney Vacation

I did a series of posts on how to save money for your Disney vacation, but I never thought that saving money could help you lose weight. With this goofy tip you’ll be able to do both.

Make your grocery list and go to the store. Whenever you don’t buy something, like cookies or soda, record how much money those items were. When you get home add that amount to your Disney fund. By doing this you’ll save money without thinking about it and you will keep the junk food out of your house. Perhaps each member of your family can give up one unhealthy item and that money can be added to your trip fund.

I’m not suggesting you don’t buy food and put your entire shopping budget toward your Disney vacation. Just cut out those items that you don’t need to buy in the first place. You’ll have plenty of money for your trip and you’ll look great in those pictures with Mickey Mouse. Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: Do you have other unhealthy habits that you could cut back on and add that money to your trip fund? Perhaps you could get a smaller Starbucks drink, or get your drink three days a week instead five. Same thing with fast food. We all have vices that we wish we could change. Saving money for a great trip to the Disney parks could be the motivation you were looking for.