Start Saving Today Part 4

This is the fourth post in a series on how to save ahead of time for your vacation. These ideas will reduce the stress that comes from worrying about money and lack of stress equals happiness squared. With each post I will present a simple approach and an advanced approach. Use whichever one makes your life easier. Remember you should be living your life as you save for your vacation, not postponing happiness thinking you will recoup it on your trip. My plan is that you reach your goals while enjoying what every day has to offer.

Saving Idea #4  Reduce something you use all the time or Give something up completely.

 Above I stated that you should not postpone happiness while saving up for your Disney trip. Here I will elaborate on that idea. If giving up your daily Starbucks latte is going ruin your day, then don’t give it up. Find something else to sacrifice that won’t hurt quite as much. But, if you want to drink your latte and save money too, perhaps you could buy it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and drink coffee from home the other days.  You’ll save some money toward your trip and not be denying yourself completely.

On the other hand, if you want to save more for the trip, or if time is of the essence, then give up something whole hog. Your latte, your lunch out everyday, your daily newspaper, your afternoon candy bar. The more you can give up, the more you will be able to save. The satisfaction of saving more may offset the longing for a particular item. Perhaps you can challenge other people in your family to give something up also. The first person who gives in adds $5 to the Disney trip account.

Goofy Joke:  (Saving money can be hard to swallow. If you need a laugh, try this groaner.)

Q: What did Daisy Duck say when she bought some lipstick at the store?

A: Just put it on my bill.

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