Won’t You Be My Blogger?

It's no lie, I'd love your ideas!
It’s no lie, I’d love your ideas!

One of my goals for A Goofy Idea is to publish guest blogger’s posts along with my own. I have done 230 posts and while I will never run out of fun Disney topics to write about I would love to share what other people love about the parks. Are you interested in writing for A Goofy Idea? It couldn’t be easier.

5 tips on writing on A Goofy Idea:

1) Contact me with your idea. I am looking for tips and stories that help my readers enjoy a happy Disney trip. While I know there are bad things about the Disney parks I want to focus on the good. There is a enough negativity in the world. As a guest blogger you can help spread happiness throughout the blogosphere.

2) It doesn’t need to be long. Your guest post can be 100 words or 1,000 words. What is important is the content, not the length.

3) If you have a photo I’d love to use it. This is not required, but I’d love to make your guest post as personal as you want to make it.

4) You don’t have to add a Goofy Tip (unless you want to). You can provide as many or as few extras as you want.

5) It doesn’t have to be perfectly written. Don’t worry about typos or grammar mistakes. I’ll do some editing before I post it. And I’ll show you any changes I make so you will know what I publish.

My goal is to have four guest bloggers this year. What I would love is to post 12 guest blogs. It would be wonderful if those posts came from 12 different people, but I would be just as happy if it was 3 people posting four times each. I am sure that a lot of you have been to the Disney parks and you have learned tricks that could help other people. I’d love to help you share what you learned with my readers. And you’d be helping me reach my goal. It’s a win-win. Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: If you don’t want to do a whole post I would also love to get goofy tips, jokes, trivia, and other Disney tidbits. You can contact me at A Goofy Idea or on my Facebook page. Feel free to like my page and get goofy tips weekly.