We’re Just Getting Started

“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome.” Walt Disney, July 17, 1955

Fifty six years ago Walt Disney said those words at the opening of Disneyland. Since then many more parks have opened and millions of people have visited them. Everyone goes hoping to find the magic and happiness that Walt Disney infused the parks with. It is not hard to find, but with crowds, high prices, and constant change it is sometimes overlooked. That is where I can help.

It is my hope that as you explore this blog you will discover ways to have the happiest time ever at the Disney parks, no matter what. That was Walt’s dream and I want to help make that dream a reality.

Who am I? My name is Jennifer and I am a little goofy (some would say a lot). I have been visiting Disneyland and Walt Disney World since I was a child. In the last few years I have been planning trips for friends and family and would like to share what I have learned with you.

Each blog with have something fun to share. It might be a dumb joke, a game to play while in the parks, a bit of trivia, or a Goofy Tip (a quick tip for a happy trip and happy memories). As time passes there will be free downloadable brochures to take the the parks and use. Everything is geared toward giving you the happiest trip you ever had.

The first article will come out tomorrow, but the first Goofy Tip is out today. Enjoy!!!

Goofy Tip: Print out a picture from your trip that makes you smile and place it in a random book. You’ll have a good laugh whenever you stumble across the picture.


  1. Well Gosh! Lookie Here. A web site about me finally! That durned Pluto….he keeps getting newsstories about him. (He is a planet/ he isn’t a planet. I guess he finally got kicked of the “it’s a small world ride after all!”) Come on folks, he doesn’t even wear clothes. Note how stylish I dress..Ahuh Ahuh Ahuh Ahuh. Well Golly! Keep an eye on this website folks……it’s gonna be big….just like my shoes. Now excuse me I have a duck to see about a mouse.

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