The Next Level of Disney Competition

IMG_0313Spring is finally here. I know parts of the country are still dealing with snow that doesn’t know how to read a calendar but I think we should rejoice anyway. Spring is here! How are your resolutions going? Did you resolve to lose weight, or exercise more? Have you fallen off the wagon yet? Well, Disney wants to help. They have a new competition coming this September that is very different from the typical Disney races.

I talk about running races at Disney a lot because that is what I like to do. But some of you may be gym rats who like to lift weights or do circuits. Now Disney has an event for people like you, the 2014 Disney Fit Challenge. It is a three day competition made up of different workouts. You can see the video here. I think it looks super intense, but for people who have been doing Crossfit or other high intensity routines it could be a lot of fun.

There are different divisions for both ability and age and you can compete individually or as a team. If it is a hit then Disney may do other diverse competitions. Many people want them to do a triathlon. Who knows what will happen next. As long as we’re all getting healthier I say we’re all winners. Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: There are many differing opinions about whether to say on property or not. If you are going to do a runDisney event I would recommend staying on property. Free busses are provided to take you from your resort to the event and it is much easier than dealing with parking and parking fees.