Start Saving Today Part 7

This is the seventh post in a series on how to save ahead of time for your vacation. These ideas will reduce the stress that comes from worrying about money and lack of stress equals happiness squared. With each post I will present a simple approach and an advanced approach. Use whichever one makes your life easier. Remember you should be living your life as you save for your vacation, not postponing happiness thinking you will recoup it on your trip. My plan is that you reach your goals while enjoying what every day has to offer.

Saving Idea #7 Brainstorm by yourself or Brainstorm with your whole group

Having trouble coming up with money saving ideas? Don’t sweat it out by yourself. Grab a lifeline and brainstorm with everyone in your group. Include the kids, the adults and everyone in between.

Disney Imagineers do something called “Blue Sky” brainstorming. In these sessions no idea is too outlandish and no one is ridiculed for their ideas. Have one person write down all the ideas that are generated and then work through each one. When everyone shares in the brainstorming it is much easier to tighten the belt and save more. Even though I have this as idea #7 consider making this the first thing you do after setting a date for your Disney trip.

Goofy Tip: Make the brainstorming meeting a party. To get everyone in the mood pop some popcorn and play the free Disney Vacation DVD (Disneyland or Walt Disney World) you can request online. Everyone will be so eager to go that ideas to save up for the trip will flow. You might even soak up some of the magic of the parks from the DVD.