Run Disney!

Do you want to have a good time at the Disney Parks, save some money, get special treatment, and see the parks when no one else can? Consider signing up for a run or endurance event with Run Disney.

I know. You’re thinking, “I can’t run!” But here is the cool thing. Run Disney has events for all levels of ability. There are family runs, and 5Ks. There are endurance runs. There are half marathons and marathons. There is even the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge which I am doing in January 2012. On Saturday I am running a half marathon and on Sunday I am running a full marathon for a total of 39.3 miles. That is the goofiest idea I ever heard of, so of course I couldn’t resist. Would you like to join me?

Before you protest too much (you can protest about the Goofy Challenge, just read on before you dismiss the other events) I’d like to list to many advantages to participating in a Run Disney event.

  •  You get a fantastic medal with a Disney character on it
  • You get five star treatment before, during, and after the race
  • You get a discount on resorts and park tickets
  • You get to attend special race events at the parks
  • You will be in better shape because of the training you did for the event
  • You will have bragging rights
  • You can run with your children in the family races
  • In the longer races you get to run through Cinderella Castle and down Main Street before the park opens
  • You will have Mickey Mouse and the gang cheering you on
  • You get running help from Jeff Galloway, the run/walk/run expert

I’m sure there are more great reasons to consider a Run Disney event, but for me it is a chance to visit the parks I love and complete a race at the same time. I am not fast and I will never come in first (or even five thousandth.) But no one can describe how it feels to cross that finish line. You need to experience it yourself. It is happiness squared.

Goofy Tip:  If you still think running farther than ten feet is insane consider volunteering to help during a race. The events don’t happen without a large volunteer force. You can share in the thrill of the event by handing out cups of water on the route or placing medals over runners’ heads at the finish.


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