Renew Your Workout Resolutions Disney Style

P1050772February has come and gone and March is waiting in the wings. How are you doing on your 2014 resolutions? If you are like most people you resolved to get in shape, and if you are like most people you have already failed. Well, don’t fret. You still have ten months to make your goal a success. Might I suggest you add some fun to your workouts with the help of some Disney characters. Think of it like whistling while you work.

Five ways to improve your workouts with Disney:

1) Scrub the floors while dreaming of a ball. Cinderella did not want to clean all day long, but since she had no choice she dreamed of a handsome prince at a royal ball. You probably have to clean your house occasionally, too. Doing housework is a great way to burn calories so instead of dreading it jump right in and think of how much fun you’ll have this summer showing off the fitter you.

2) Enjoy some music as you take a walk. If you are like Princess Aurora and can sing better than the birds then go for it. For most of us though an iPod or MP3 player can make our daily walks much more enjoyable.

3) Pick an active hobby. Princess Merida from Brave was an expert at archery. This hobby helped her a lot in her desire to live her own life. Why not find a hobby that will help you meet your workout goals? You can enjoy the benefit of getting good at a fun activity and being strong enough to fight bears (if you need to.)

4) Find someone to help you train. Hercules didn’t become a hero on his own. He had lots of help from Phil, the wise-cracking satyr. Perhaps you could also use some help meeting your workout goals. You may want to find a professional trainer or you may just need a friend who is willing to keep you accountable. Wise-cracks are optional.

5) At the end of the day enjoy something sweet. Life shouldn’t be all work and no play. Winnie the Pooh may not be a great role model for those of us trying to lose weight but he knows that happiness comes from indulging in something sweet from time to time.

There you have it, five ways to stay on track with your resolutions. If you want some more Disney ideas for having a great workout check out this chart from Oh My Disney. It may only work your smile, but that is important, too. Happiness squared.

Goofy Quote: Phil from Hercules is looking for a hero. He’s gruff and he’s reluctant, but he turns out to be a great trainer. Resolutions are hard to complete. Sometimes we need someone gruff so we live up to our potential and not become a “yeuseus.”

“I trained all those would-be heroes. Odysseus, Perseus, Theseus. A lot of “yeuseus.” And every one of those bums let me down flatter than a discus. None of them could go the distance.” Phil from Hercules