Don’t Miss this Lunar Attraction

My favorite attractions at the Disney parks have always been the ones about space. Space Mountain, Mission to the Moon, Mission to Mars, Astro Orbitor, and my all time favorite, Mission: Space, have thrilled me all my life. I think I secretly wish I could go into outer space. (I’m waiting for them to perfect beaming.)
On Saturday morning I am going to go out around 6:30 a.m. and watch the last lunar eclipse until 2014. I welcome everyone to join me. This is a great attraction and completely free to anyone with clear skies. If you are unable to see it check out this MSNBC website  and watch it on your computer. Any questions you have about eclipses can be answered at Mr. Eclipse’s cool website.  Happy viewing. It is the closest I’ll get to outer space until January when I will once again ride Mission: Space at ECPOT. Happiness squared.
Disney Quote: “No one can have a well-rounded education without some knowledge of what goes on in the physical world around us.” Walt Disney