How to Use the Goofy Ideas In the Parks

There you have it! The first ten Goofy Ideas for having a happy visit to the Disney Parks. But I don’t just want you to read them and never apply them. I want you to try them out and hopefully have a happier trip. You could print out each one and carry it with you in the parks, but that would be a waste of paper. If you had a smart phone you could download the WordPress App (in ITunes or Android) and then refer to the posts in the park, but who is going to think of that when there is so much going on? What to do? What to do?

How about you download a brochure that has all ten ideas on it? I happen to have a free brochure for you that recaps all ten Goofy Ideas. It folds in thirds and easily slips into a park map. So print it out, look it over, take it with you, and try the ideas. They may not all be right for you, but if you find one that improves your trip then it is worth it. Take that idea and use it time and time again. Let’s all work at making every magical trip to the Disney Parks the happiest one possible.

Goofy Joke: (Try this one out at a Toy Story themed attraction)

Q: Why doesn’t Mr. Potatohead take Mrs. Potatohead out to nice restaurants?

A: He heard they cost an arm and a leg.