Here There be Dragons?

Pete’s Dragon. The Reluctant Dragon. The dragon in Fantasmic!. The dragons that were to habitat Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There is no doubt that dragons and Disney go together. But I was still surprised when Gary Buchanan, one of the bloggers at the Disney Parks Blog, wrote about a dragon that had nothing to do with Disney.

Now, I consider myself a bit of a skeptic. If you show me a picture, or film, of a ghost, UFO, or Bigfoot and I am going to assume it is fake. Disney magic? Fine. Real E.T.’s? I don’t think so. So when I clicked on this video I figured I’d be dismissing it immediately. But instead my heart soared. It looks like a flying dragon.

Now, before I lose my skeptics club card I want to say that it probably isn’t a dragon. I mean, really. The film is horrible and it’s very fuzzy (can anyone say Bigfoot photo). However, it looks just like what I would expect a fuzzy video of a dragon would look like.

So, I leave it up to you. This is a fun video by a crazy Disney guy. (That is a complement. Gary Buchanan gets filmed doing all sorts of bizarre things at Walt Disney World. I love his videos.) And who knows? Maybe dragons are real and we are finally seeing one. Either way, I’m going to watch this video again. I want to be wrong. Happiness Squared.

Goofy Trivia: Have you ever heard of Beastly Kingdom? Do you know where it was going to be built? If you need a hint look at the different park signs at Walt Disney World. One of them has a dragon on it. Can you guess? I’ll give you a moment. That’s right –  Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Originally the park was going to celebrate all animals, both real and imaginary. But Beastly Kingdom was never built and now we have to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see a dragon at Fantasmic!