Getting a Great Seat (or Stand) for World of Color

P1060103Have you seen World of Color at Disney California Adventure? When I had a chance to see it I was ho hum about the idea. It had been a long trip, I was tired, and we were going to have to wait a long time before it started. I was willing to pass it by. I am so glad that everyone else in my group wanted to see it. It was amazing! I was spellbound! I have seen most of the Disney evening shows and love them all, but World of Color was by and far the most stunning show ever. I don’t know how they made the water do what it did, but it was eye-opening. I admit I walked away breathless and enchanted. All I can say is DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!

However, seeing World of Color takes some planning. There is room for lots of Guests to view the show, but not every spot is a good spot. Everyone has to stand and it is possible you may be behind a pole or a really tall person which could effect your viewing pleasure. With the help of Disney Parks Blog and my own experience I have some tips to help you have the best experience possible when viewing World of Color.

5 tips for having the best experience at World of Color:

1) Get Fastpass tickets. As you enter the park in the morning (during regular operating hours) have one member of your party hurry over to Grizzly River Run with everyone’s tickets. There you can get Fastpasses to World of Color on a first come first serve basis. Even though you have show Fastpasses you can still get ride Fastpasses throughout the day. Show your Fastpass tickets to the Cast Member at World of Color and they will put you in special areas that have pretty good views. Unless you are taking option #2 I would definitely get Fastpasses.

2) Reserve World of Color Dining. If you don’t plan to be in the park first thing in the morning and you would like to have a special dinner at Disney California Adventure then consider making a dining reservation to eat at certain restaurants and get reserved spots for World of Color. I have heard that the spots are not better or worse than other viewing areas so you have to decide it this option is worth the cost. Check out this post by Disney Parks Blog for more information.

3) Arrive early. Whether you have Fastpasses or not I would arrive early. The view gets better the closer you get to the water. Be warned…you may get wet. I enjoyed watching the park get dark and the lights change on California Screamin’. It was like a colorful pre-show. How early should you arrive? We had Fastpasses and we still found our spot about an hour before the show. (No, we were not the first people there.)

4) Find a spot along the fence. The viewing area for World of Color is a terraced cement hillside with fenced-in flowerbeds between the terraces. If at all possible get a spot with the fence in front of you. That way there will be no people directly blocking you and you will have a good view of the show, no matter how far back you are. I saw the show with three other women and we each stand about 5 feet tall. By standing with the fence in front of us we were able to see the show with no obstructions.

5) Be slow to leave. Depending on when you see the show it may happen after the park closes. Unless you are way in the back of the viewing area you are going to be following a ton of people out of the park. I would just relax. Everyone gets out eventually. Why do you want to join the hords trying to get through the gates? Instead, have a seat, browse through some stores, or just slowly wander back. Disney California Adventure looks very different at night. Take time to notice more than just the person shuffling in front of you.

World of Color should not be missed and with these tips you will have a memorable time from beginning to end. My last tip is to pick up a pair of Glow in the Show ears for everyone in your party. They are a little pricy, but being part of the show is awesome, and they work at Fantasmic and the evening fireworks  so you get your money’s worth. I don’t know about you but I always want to be part of the show. Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: If you are going to arrive early to get a good spot for World of Color, consider bringing a snack. To my mind the perfect snack for standing comes from the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land. You have nowhere to set anything down so popcorn in a cone, or any of the other tasty cone shaped treats would be ideal.