10 Ways to Build Anticipation

In January I am going to Walt Disney World to run the Walt Disney World Marathon. It is only a few weeks away and I can’t wait. I want to leave today and I never want to come back. The anticipation is killing me. It is also part of the fun.

Sometimes life gets so busy that we forget to look forward to exciting events. You spend a lot of time, energy, and money preparing for a Disney trip. Why not get enthused when the date gets close? I’ve included ten ideas that will help build anticipation for everyone in your group. Some of these you can do daily and some just once or twice a week. Pick two or three and share them. I find that anticipation is contagious. And so is happiness so spread it around.

  1. Watch a Disney movie. Pick a classic like Robin Hood or Cinderella, or a new one like Tangled. Have a movie night once or twice a week and you’ll know who the characters are when you are visiting the parks.
  2. Play Disney CDs. Pop a CD into your car, download some Disney favorites from I-Tunes. You’ll know your ready to hit the parks when you are humming the Mickey Mouse March and didn’t realize it.
  3. Eat Disney food. The Disney Blog has lots of fun recipes from the Disney parks. Why not try pumpkin beignets or a great salad from the Disney cruises? There are also great Disney cookbooks that would be fun to use. Get the whole family involved in the preparation.
  4. Download the Disney Vacation Connection. This fun app opens on your computer and has a countdown clock. It also has great discounts, and lots of fun videos. It reminds me every morning how soon I will be in the parks.
  5. Talk about the trip. As you are sitting around the table eating your great Disney meal ask everyone what they are looking forward to. Make notes so that everyone gets their wish if possible.
  6. Give trinkets. The dollar store has pencils, puzzles, and other small items with Disney characters on them. Put something special in someone’s lunch or by their dinner plate.
  7. Read books. When I want to be in the parks but have to wait a few weeks I read my guide books. It always puts me in a Disney mood and I usually learn something new. Check out my website to see the ones I love to use.
  8. Get the suitcases out. I did an entire post on getting your suitcases out early, but now that the trip is near why not make a big deal about getting them out and cleaning them up. Perhaps you could get new Disney luggage tags and put them on with great ceremony.
  9. Take pictures. Everyone takes pictures during the trip, but what about before the trip. Take pictures of people packing, of your great Disney meal, and of the kids trying on their Disney shirts. The preparation part of the story is just as important as the trip itself.
  10. Explore Disney websites. Besides the official Disney website there are lots more that have great information and fun trivia for you to explore. I link to several on my website.

So there you are. I’m more excited then I was. I hope these ideas help you build anticipation for your trip. Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: Disney knows how to build anticipation. They keep sending me stuff in the mail. Yesterday I got cool luggage tags and a coupon book. Be sure to watch your mailbox.

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