Wishing Well Riches

snowPeople like to toss money in water. If aliens ever come to Earth would they think this is weird? Probably. I only think it is half weird. I love to toss coins in wishing wells and making a wish. To me, that is a good use of a quarter (cheaper than a lottery ticket.) However, I do not understand throwing money in a random body of water. What is the point?

If you have ever been to the Disney Parks you will know what I am talking about. Along with finding money in wishing wells (I’ll tell you where to find an awesome one in the Goofy Tip) you’ll see lots of money in the water at it’s a small world, Pirates of the Caribbean, and dozens of other watery attractions. Whenever I see those coins I wonder two things:  why would people toss money there, and what happens to all the coins that were tossed?

I still don’t know why people throw money in water, but thanks to The Disney Blog I now know what Disney does with all the coins that get tossed into water. They collect the money and donate them to various children’s charities. So far in 2013 Walt Disney World has donated $15,000 to the Foundation for Foster Children. By answering my second question I might have answered my first. Maybe people toss coins in non-wishing wells to make other people’s wishes come true. Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: If you want to get your money’s worth and toss your coin into a wishing well then head over to the castle at Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom. On one of the side paths you’ll find the Snow White Wishing Well. This is a great place to toss your coin, not only because you’ll get to make a wish, but because you can hear Snow White making a wish as well. It is very magical. Plus your coin does double duty – it helps make your wish and the wish of other children come true.