What is Your Favorite Ride?

What is your favorite ride? Ask any Disney park visitor that question and a lively debate will ensue. Very few people have only one favorite. Some have a favorite in each park. Other’s have a favorite in each land. People’s reason for why a certain ride is their favorite is as varied as the rides themselves. So, what is your favorite ride?

If I had to pick one ride from all the Disney parks I have ever been on (ohh, my head!) I would pick Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. It is such a thrill and the track takes you so up so high that you can see all of Walt Disney World. It is a world class roller coaster. But so many others are a close second. Here they are broken down by park.

At Walt Disney World:

Magic Kingdom – Pirates of the Caribbean

EPCOT – Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Disney’s Hollywood Studios –  The Magic of Disney Animation

Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Expedition Everest

At Disneyland:

Disneyland – Pirates of the Caribbean

California Adventure – Turtle Talk with Crush

You’ll notice that they are not all fast rides. There are many things I love about Disney and speed is only one of them. How about you? Have everyone in your group make a list of their favorite rides. Make sure they pick an absolute favorite. Talk about why they love that ride. This would make a great dinnertime discussion and builds anticipation. And anticipation builds excitement. And excitement builds happiness.

Goofy Poll: So this is our first Goofy Poll, but I’m sure there will be more. Leave a comment on this post or e-mail me at agoofyidea@gmail.com. I’ll tally up the results and see what everyone likes.

Q: What is your all time favorite Disney attraction? What is your favorite attraction in each park? (If you have been to any of the international parks feel free to list your favorite ride there, too.)