Ticket Discounts for SoCal Residents

IMG_4268Here’s a Disney conundrum for you – January is a great time to visit the parks but you are still paying off Christmas bills and can’t afford to go. (Cue sad music.) But wait. The Disneyland Resort has come to the rescue. If you are a southern California resident you can get discounted tickets through May 30, 2014 and by discounted I mean really discounted.

Here is an example. Usually a 1-day 1-park adult ticket is $92. During this deal a SoCal resident can get a 2-day one-park-each-day adult ticket for $129. That is only $64.50 a day. But wait, Jennifer, you are comparing 1-day tickets to 2-day tickets. Actually I’m not. The 2-day tickets can be used on non-consecutive days. So you can go twice for a ridiculously low price.

There are also discounts on Park Hopper passes and 3-day passes. Disney Parks Blog has all the details. One of the major complaints I hear about the Disney parks is how expensive the tickets are. Here is your chance to see the parks for a song. (Cue Disney music.) If it wasn’t for the traffic and the temperature I might move just to get this bargain. Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: If you don’t live in southern California don’t despair. There is a way to get tickets cheaper any day of the year. Buy them in your grocery store. I often see gift cards that offer a three-day pass to Disneyland for $195. That is only $65 a day and anyone can use it.