Start Saving Today Part 5

This is the fifth post in a series on how to save ahead of time for your vacation. These ideas will reduce the stress that comes from worrying about money and lack of stress equals happiness squared. With each post I will present a simple approach and an advanced approach. Use whichever one makes your life easier. Remember you should be living your life as you save for your vacation, not postponing happiness thinking you will recoup it on your trip. My plan is that you reach your goals while enjoying what every day has to offer.

Saving Idea #5 Have a garage sale or Sell items online

Everyone has items in their house that they don’t want anymore, but that seemed like too much trouble to get rid of. Books you aren’t going to read again. DVDs that no one liked the first time. Clothes that don’t fit. Toys that don’t get played with. Why not take these items and sell them.  You won’t miss the items and it can add quite a bit to your vacation savings.

A garage sale can be a good way to sell items if you do it right. You need to have a good location and do lots of advertising ahead of time. It is work, but it doesn’t take that much time. If you need help check out this Consumer Reports brochure on having a successful garage sale. There is lots of great advice if you look for it.

Selling items on line can be a better choice if a garage sale is not feasible. There are many online like sites to sell on. Three popular ones are e-bay, Craigs List, and Amazon. You might even make more money per item if you sell online, but it has more of a time commitment. You have to input every item, keep an eye on the website, and then mail off the items when they are sold. Also, you will have the items sitting around until they sell. Still, the savings can be worth the time it takes so decide which method works best and get selling.

Goofy Tip: If you decide to have a garage sale make it a Disney garage sale. Play Disney music, serve Disney snacks, and hang a banner with that proclaims “We’re going to Disney World!” Put Disney balloons around the tables. As people are looking explain what the garage sale is for. You’ll probably find that customers are more than willing to help you out by buying something.