There is a great children’s picture book that says “someday” is not a day of the week. But I find that the word someday stirs my imagination. I can not do everything today or even this week. But someday I am going to do all the wonderful things I dream of. I feel like Cinderella or Belle as they look to the future and sing about what their heart wishes. They knew that someday their dreams would come true.



But if we don’t sing about our heart wishes, if we don’t write them down, then more than likely they will fade away, never to be achieved. My favorite blog and website, the one I am using as my guide to creating my own successful website, is by Trent Hamm. It is a personal finance site, and so much more. Trent was a typical American, working hard, racking up debt, living what he thought was the good life. But then he had a dream. Someday he wanted to be a full time writer. So he changed his life, got out of debt, and started down a whole new path. It wasn’t easy, but he believes if he can do it anyone can. His website provides inspiration and information that anyone can use to succeed.

Why am I talking about a money website on my Disney blog? How is Trent’s information going to help you have a happy time at the parks? Well, besides the obvious, that his money managing tips can help you have more money set aside for your Disney trip, he carries around a notebook and in that notebook is a someday list.

This sounds a little like a bucket list, but I think it is more useful. Your bucket list is for the big things you hope to do before you die, i.e., go on a Disney Cruise, visit the pyramids, talk to that relative you are having problems with. These are great dreams, but what about the little items? That is where a someday list comes in.






Keep a notebook in your pocket, purse or bag, or keep a list on your smart phone or tablet. Then when little or big ideas pop into your mind you can write them down immediately. Someday I’ll try that new restaurant. Someday I’ll go through my DVDs and sell the ones I don’t want (more money for a Disney trip!). All your ideas, big or small, go on that list. But that is just step one. Step two is the most important part.

When you are bored, when the only thing you can think to do is veg out in front of the TV, pull out your list. Your someday list then becomes your today list, and you can work on something you are interested in, but had forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of life. It may take a lifetime to finish your someday list, but you’ll always have something to wake up for. And don’t forget your bucket list. Break down your big dreams into small steps and add those steps to your someday list.

Because I love lists I break my someday lists down by topic. I have writing someday lists, reading someday lists, and yes, a Disney someday list. I am visiting Walt Disney World in January to run the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. My Disney someday list will be with me and I will try lots of my heart’s desires. I hope you start a someday list and that it helps your dreams, big and small, come true.

Goofy Tip: Feeling like you never get anything done? Have a reverse someday list. As you finish projects write them down, either on a list or on the calendar. Then at the end of the month, or the end of the year, look back over your list. You’ll be impressed at how much you have accomplished. You probably had a lot of somedays that turned into todays.

Do this while you are at the Disney Parks, too. We race though the parks and sometimes forget about the special things we did. Write down the delicious treat you enjoyed, or the first time you overcame your fear and went on a certain ride. The memories of your trip will be that much brighter and your someday list will be that much shorter.