People Watch

Millions of people visit the Disney resorts every year. They are all there to have a good time at the Happiest Place on Earth, just like you. If you want to catch some of that happiness take some time to watch the people around you. Don’t focus on the unhappy parents and their hungry children. Instead look for big smiles and energy. It can make for some great memories.

This is one of my mom’s favorite memories. It was a warm day and we found an empty bench in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom. We were drinking soda, eating popcorn, and watching the crowds go by. A tall bald headed man walked up and stopped in front of the castle. He placed his soda on top of his head and proceeded to take a picture. We were all scrambling for our cameras, but he walked away drinking his soda before we could capture this remarkable sight. Even though we didn’t get a picture my mom has never forgotten this man because he caused her to laugh and laugh. His unique cup holder gave her great happiness.

So take a seat, have a drink, and watch the guests go by. They are part of the show, too.

Goofy Joke: (Good for a groan, if not a laugh)

Q: What did Grumpy say when Doc told him it was time to go to bed?

A: I’m not Sleepy