Hunting for Good Disney Moms

P1050795Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I started thinking about moms in Disney movies. Most of the mothers aren’t the best characters. In many Disney movies they are not even in the movie, often making space for the evil stepmother. Sometimes they die in the intro, like in Snow White; sometimes they die during the movie, like in Frozen; and sometimes they are never discussed, like in Beauty and the Beast. By having a missing mother the main character has to overcome the loss. It adds to the conflict of the movie and makes the character more sympathetic.

However, I wanted to find some good moms in Disney movies, moms that are always there, even if it is in the background, supporting the main characters no matter what they do. They best mothers are heroines themselves but even if they are a secondary character they are moms any child can be proud of. The following list isn’t complete, but these moms all deserve to get Mother’s Day cards from their children and maybe a #1 MOM mug.

  1. Tangled. No I don’t mean Mother Gothel. I mean the queen, Rapunzel’s true mother. Even though Rapunzel was missing they celebrated her birthday every year and kept her memory alive. The queen always believed her daughter would be found and when she finally saw her she recognized her immediately.
  2. Swiss Family Robinson. Mother, as she is called, has three sons in this movie. She is protective, supportive, and still willing to let them fly away from the nest when that is what is best for her children. She is level-headed and strict but knows how to have fun. Plus she knows how to make a treehouse a home.
  3. Toy Story. Andy is a well adjusted kid because he has a good mom. She makes sure his toys are taken care of, thus allowing them to have their adventures. She is a mom any kid would love to have.
  4. 101 Dalmations. Perdita only has 15 puppies of her own but she prepared to save, not just her own puppies, but all the puppies who need a mom. Plus she can tell them apart which can’t be easy with that many spots.
  5. The Aristocats. Okay, another animal mom, but Duchess is a great mom. She teaches her children good manners, not only when they are living in the lap of luxury, but also when they hungry and covered in mud. Her children may squabble among themselves, as brothers and sisters do, but they know they should listen to their mom.

There you have it. Five fun Disney movies with great moms. Pick any one to watch on Mother’s Day to remind your mom that she is great, too. Happy Mother’s Day! Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: I always say that photos make the best gifts. The next time you are at the Disney Parks with your siblings have a group photo taken with a character or in front of a favorite ride. Put the picture in a cool Disney frame and you’ll have a gift any Disney mom will love.