Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, our third President of the United States, and one of the founding fathers of our country is 269 years old today. He was born on April 13, 1743 and led an amazing life, aiding in the creation of many interesting and important ideas. One of those important ideas is brought to life during the American Adventure in the American Adventure Pavilion at the World Showcase in EPCOT.

The American Adventure is one of my favorite attractions in all of Walt Disney World. Using paintings, audio-animatronics, film, and music American Adventure explores the history of the United State of America. Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain narrate the show and it is an emotional tribute to a great nation.

One of my favorite parts is when Benjamin Franklin talks to Thomas Jefferson as he is writing the Declaration of Independence. In this scene an audio-animatronic Franklin walks up a few stairs and across the room to where Thomas Jefferson is seated at a desk. This scene is amazing to watch and the dialogue is quite witty. It ends with Jefferson reading the first lines of the Declaration of Independence. Bravo!

Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson and thank you for all you did to get our country started on the right foot. Happiness squared.

Have you ever seen the American Adventure? What is your favorite part?

Goofy Trivia: In the American Adventure the scenes match the time period. Before the invention of film all the scenes are shown in paintings. And the photos are acurate for their time so the Civil War photos are in black and white. A great deal of research had to go into this attraction and not just for the narrative.

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