Happy Anniversary Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Image from Disney Parks Blog
Image from Disney Parks Blog

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (then known as Disney-MGM Studios) opened on May 1, 1989. I first visited Walt Disney World in July 1989. I don’t know if I realized that this park had only been open for a few months. I have great memories of Magic Kingdom and the World Showcase but I have very few memories of Disney-MGM Studios from that trip.

I have been back many times since then and it is now a park I never miss. I love the vintage look that the park now has (it works so well that they used it at Disney California Adventure) and I often feel that I have gone back in time. The Hollywood Brown Derby is my dad’s favorite restaurant and the grapefruit cake that they serve at The Brown Derby is my favorite dessert in all of Walt Disney World.

I don’t ride every attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios but the one’s that I like I never miss. I am always sure that these will be replaced someday so I ride them whenever I visit. You may have a different list but if you are looking for a list of great attractions to try I think mine hits the mark.

Jennifer’s Do-Not-Miss attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

These are the attractions I never miss. If I ride these rides, have lunch at the Studio Catering Co. and catch the Jedi Academy, or have an early dinner at the Brown Derby and watch Fantasmic! then I know I have had a great day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This park has been a work in progress for twenty-five years. It will be interesting to see what changes are made in the next twenty-five years. I’ll be visiting often just to find out. Happiness squared.

Goofy Recipe: Grapefruit cake may sound a little odd but it delicious. It is so fresh-tasting and light on the tongue. It is the perfect ending to a multi-course meal at the Brown Derby. Spoonful.com has provided the recipe if you won’t be visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios anytime soon. I dream of this cake and look forward to making it myself.