GQ: Finding Park Merchandise

Do you have a Goofy Question (a GQ)? I don’t mean a dumb question (because there are none.) I mean a question for A Goofy Idea. Anything you have been wondering that would help make your trip happier. If you do I would love to answer it for you. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog or e-mail me at I will answer them here in the blog and as a return e-mail. So go ahead. Be Goofy!

Today’s question comes from my friend, Arlene. We are planning a trip to Walt Disney World and she asked if there was a way to check out the park merchandise before she arrived at the parks. What a great Goofy Question!!! If she could look at merchandise beforehand she would be more prepared to shop at the parks and could even buy something ahead of time, thus saving time while in the parks. Happiness squared!

And the answer is yes. While not all the merchandise from the parks is online (except maybe on eBay, but then you should know what you are looking for), the Disney Store has a tab called Theme Park Products. This is where you can go to find official Disney Parks merchandise. I love to browse this website because they always have new products and great holiday ideas.

Thanks for the question. Keep them coming and we’ll help everyone have a happy trip, together.

Goofy Tip: Here’s another advantage to staying on property. Anything you buy in the parks can be sent to your room. That means you don’t have to wait to buy items as you’re leaving the park or carry bags around all day. So convienent.