Goofy Trivia

I hope you have enjoyed my Goofy Tips and Goofy Jokes. I am adding a new section now, called Goofy Trivia. There is so much fun information about the parks, characters, and movies it’s time to spread it around. Ask your friends and family these Goofy questions and see who knows their Disney stuff.

This is a great thing to do while waiting in line at attractions or bus stops. It makes the time you by fast and keeps everyone happy. Keep an eye out in my download section. I’ll be posting free brochures full of trivia for you to take with you to the parks. Stay tuned!

Goofy Trivia #1

Q: When did the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World open?

A: October 1, 1971 (It was the only park open in Walt Disney World then. The other parks opened later.)

Goofy Trivia #2

Q: What is Walt Disney’s full name?

A: Walter Elias Disney (You will notice WED used in different places around the parks, for Walt’s initials.)

Goofy Trivia #3

Q: Where will you find the attraction Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland?

A: New Orleans Square (At Walt Disney World it is in Advenureland)

Goofy Trivia #4

Q: Where will you find the character, “PUSH”?

A: In Tomorrowland. He is a talking, moving trash can who interacts with guests.

Goofy Trivia #5

Q: If you love Goofy, where will you find an attraction that stars this goofy guy?

A: Goofy’s Sky School at California Adventure

I hope you enjoyed this Goofy Trivia. Look for more in future posts.

Goofy Tip: Don’t have just one person ask all the questions. Pass the sheet, card, or book around and let everyone be the reader.  Have stickers to give out to the person who gets the right answer. You’ll be at the front of the line before you know it. Happiness squared.