Give the Gift of Anticipation

Image from Disney Parks Blog

If a Disney vacation is in your plans for 2013 why not give gifts that will be used during your trip? It is both fun and builds anticipation. Disney and the holidays go together like eggnog and cookies. Here are five gifts that will get everyone excited for your next great Disney adventure.

5 great gifts for anyone planning a Disney vacation:

1) Give a Disney gift card. Gift cards are wildly popular and all the big stores offer Disney gift cards. They even have a variety of characters to choose from. This would make a great stocking stuffer.

2) Give a Disney shirt. I have mentioned before how much fun it is wearing Disney clothes in the parks. (Especially if everyone in your group does it.) See my post on Disney shirts for more gift ideas.

3) Make your own gift cards. Homemade gift cards can be even more special than store bought ones because you can make them redeemable for anything. If you are planning a special dinner or tour on your vacation why not give it as a Christmas gift? The gift card can describe the event or just say it is for a surprise. To learn how to make your own gift cards see my post.

4) Give traveling supplies. I love to travel when I have new gear to try out. Luggage, clothing bags, and travel accessories make great gifts. There are a lot of great items out there with Disney designs on them. Nothing says “I’m going to the Disney parks!” like a Mickey Mouse suitcase.

5) Announce your upcoming trip. This is sure to have your group jumping for joy. If no one knows your plans yet then why not give a Disney trip as a present. You can write it in a card, make an announcement (I’d jazz it up with Disney music), or give it in your own creative way. Just be sure you have a camera handy to capture the moment.

I have said before that a Disney vacation should be enjoyed before, during, and after your trip. Giving a Disney gift is a great way to build excitement. Happiness Squared.

Goofy Tip: For more ideas on gift giving check out A Goofy Idea. I have lots of great tips on how to plan and enjoy the time before your Disney vacation.