Get In the Picture!

I have over 40 scrapbooks, many of which feature trips to the Disney Parks. There is someone missing from most of the pictures in these albums – me. Since I am the one taking the pictures I am rarely in them. Most people who use a camera have this issue. Disney has solved this dilemna with PhotoPass.

At certain spots around the parks, like at the castle, Disney cast members are there to take pictures of your whole group. They do this in two different ways. If you like they will take your picture with their camera. You then receive a PhotoPass card, which you use everytime you have your picture taken by a Disney photographer. With the card  you can purchase your pictures in the park or go online to and order as many pictures as you want. You can even put the pictures on mugs and other items. It’s a great way to spread some happiness.

Your other option is to hand the Disney photographer your camera and have them take your picture for free. They are more than happy to do this and you can finally see yourself in your scrapbooks. I have found that these pictures are often the best since the Disney photographers know all the tricks to taking a great photo.  So get in the picture and make some happy memories. (see Goofy Tip #1  for more fun photo ideas.)

Goofy Tip: Visit the Disney parks’ official blog,, and learn all about the magic of the Disney resorts – past, present, and future. It is a great site for those planning a trip or for anyone who wants a dose of Disney everyday.