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In my last post I announced the opening of Cars Land in Disney’s California Adventure. I made this announcement on the day it opened, which might have been too late for some of you. So today I am recommending a great website that gives you the inside scoop on what is happening in the Disney universe. Sign up to receive the Disney Insider in your e-mail.

This is a fun web newletter filled with trivia, upcoming movies, Guest’s stories, and lots of information about the parks. It comes out once a week so you won’t be overwhelmed and you may discover it is a bright spot among all your boring e-mails.

Goofy Tip: The internet is crowded with information about the new Cars Land. I look forward to seeing all the attractions, but I really want to find all the Hidden Mickeys in the new area. The website has all the answers I need. Check it out and then have fun hunting for new Hidden Mickeys.