Cyber Monday Disney Sales

Shopping is not my strength. I buy stuff when necessary, but if I have to browse, look, and  choose something before I buy it I probably will walk out empty handed. There are exceptions though. I could browse a bookstore for hours. I may not buy much, but I enjoy being around the books. My other favorite place to browse is the Disney Store. I can spend hours checking out every article of clothing and stuffed animal. My  nearest Disney Store is a couple hours away so I settle for

In a different post I explained that you can buy official Disney Parks merchandise at It’s a great way to stock up before you leave for your trip, thus cutting down on your shopping time at the parks, or to pick up an item after you come back that you didn’t buy while you were there. They have a lot of great items. Plus it can give you an idea of what they have in the parks so you know what styles you’ll find when you get there.

Cyber Monday is a great day to save money on the internet and Disney Store online is not disappointing. Here is the breakdown on the savings at

  • 10%  off $50
  • 15%  off $75
  • 20% off $100
  • 25% off $125

They are also offering free shipping. It might be cheaper to purchase your gear online than in the parks and with Christmas coming there are lots of great gift ideas.

So check out and see how much happiness you can get for a discount. The merchandise may be on sale, but the smiles will shine bright.

Goofy Tip: A fun idea to coordinate ahead of time is to have everyone dress in the same shirt for one day on your trip. I suggest you find a fun character shirt for everyone at and then visit the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland. The pictures will look awesome and everytime they wear the shirt they’ll be reminded of the great trip they had with you. Happiness Squared.