Character Dining Tips (not mine)

Photo0033FourBySixI love the idea of character dining at the Disney parks, but I have never done it. In case you don’t know character dining is when you go to a certain restaurant and along with your meal you get to meet selected Disney characters. This is a great chance to make fun memories and get a variety of pictures because you usually have more time to spend with the characters.

So why have I never done this? When I was a kid I cared more about going on rides than eating special meals. Plus, you usually have to make reservations and we didn’t plan our trips very far in advance. Now that I am older I know I can go without any children, but I think it would be more magical with kids. I am hoping that next year I’ll get to visit Disneyland with some youngsters and experience a character meal.

Since I have not personally been to a character meal I would not be a good source for advice. Luckily, I read some great Disney websites that have reviewed many of the character dining events. One of these resources is They have many articles about character meals and I think their most recent post will be useful to anyone who like me has never experienced character dining events.

These ten character dining tips work for any character meal of your choice. I especially liked the advice they have for not disappointing children. I know I would be disappointed if the one character I truly wanted to see wasn’t there, so it is better to not make promises. That advice is useful for most of a Disney vacation since changes happen in the parks all the time.

If you have never thought of going to a character meal I recommend that you try it out. I have read a lot of articles about it and overall the reviews are stunning. It really is a great way to interact with your favorite princess or mouse. Happiness squared.

Goofy Tip: Reservations are a must for character dining. When you set  the dates for your trip I would figure out which meal you want to go to and make those reservations first. It is easier to plan your trip around a special meal than miss out because you waited too long to get a table.