An Epcot Puzzle – Part 5

I am on vacation for a week and so I thought I would do something a little different on A Goofy Idea. A few years back I wrote a children’s story for National Novel Writing Month. It follows three siblings as they solve puzzles at Walt Disney World. It is happy and clever, two words that I hope describe A Goofy Idea. So, for your reading enjoyment I am giving you the Epcot Puzzle in five parts. I hope you enjoy it and maybe you can share it with a kid you know. As always feel free to comment on my website. Happiness squared.


An Epcot Puzzle

by Jennifer Vandenberg

Part 5

“One little spark,” Misty sang.
            “So we just have to find someone who is a spark or is named spark or something like that,” Jim said.
            “On the ride?” Grammy asked.
            “No, Grammy,” Gus said, turning back around. “After the ride.”
            The ride ended and everyone was humming the song. The entered ImageWorks and the adults started playing with the computers. The kids decided to split up to see if they could find a spark but ended up sending e-mails to their friends with funny pictures of themselves. They got so into the games that they forgot to look for someone with spark.
            After playing all the games everyone checked out the gift shop. Gus wanted something with Figment on it and decided to get an oversized mug that he could keep stuff in. He went up to the register and the Cast Member who rang him up was really bubbly. She treated him like he was a VIP.
            “You must really like your job,” Gus said as she handed him his bag.
            “Why thank you, I do. Everyone says I have lots of spark because of my name.”
            Gus was about to walk away, but paused. “What is your name?”
            She pointed at her badge. “Katie Flash.”
            Gus turned and waved Misty and Jim over. “So flash is like a spark.”
            “Sure.” She shrugged. “I mean it’s not exact. Figment is not going to sing ‘One Little Flash’.”
            “No. But they are still similar.” Jim and Misty joined him and they agreed that flash was a lot like spark.
            “Well there is one way to find out,” Jim said. He turned to Katie. “I’m Jim Basset and this is Gus and Misty. We were wondering if you were the spark we were supposed to find to get the secret.”
            Katie’s smile got even brighter. “Well I guess I am. Congratulations on solving the riddle. I have something for each of you.”   
            “Another envelope?” Misty asked.
            “No sweetie,” Katie reassured her. “This secret doesn’t fit in an envelope.” She brought out three rolled up papers, each tied with a ribbon. With great flourish she handed a scroll to each of them. On the knot of each Ribbon was pin. “These pins are very rare. Only a few were made. I wouldn’t trade them if I were you.”
            The pins had Figment on them but they looked old. The kids took the ribbons off the paper and unrolled the scrolls. They each held a certificate with their name on it that declared them Super Secret Solvers. After thanking Katie they ran over to their parents and showed them the scrolls.
            “Aren’t these great,” Gus said as he showed the pin to Grammy. “They don’t look like the new Figment.”
            “Maybe they are a figment of your imagination,” Grammy said.
            Jim touched the point. “Nope, they’re real.”
            “Well you did a good job finding them. Those clues were tricky,” Dad said.
            “Did you make it up for us?” Gus asked.
            “I never saw these pins before in my life,” Grandpa said.
            Jim looked at Gus and Misty and shrugged. “Well, whoever did this; it was cool.”
            “Yeah. A lot of fun,” Misty said.
            “The best,” Gus said.
            “Is it lunch time yet?” Grammy asked.
            “How about Mexican food?” Mom asked.
            “Yum!” Misty said with a bounce.
            And with that the Basset family headed off to their next adventure at the World Showcase.

To be continued…

Thanks for joining me and the Basset family on this adventure. I hope you enjoyed the story. I think it would be fun to do something like this with your family. All it takes is imagination. Happiness squared.