Always Something New

The parks are always changing, adding and subtracting attractions, restaurants, and sometimes even lands. I tend to go to Walt Disney World about every two years and I am always curious what will be different.

The big change that I have been hearing about for a year now is the expansion of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. They are adding a second castle and redoing a lot of the attractions. This will be amazing when it is done, but in the meantime we have to put up with the construction. In this case there will be lots of blocked off areas and it may not be a picturesque as in the past. I am actually looking forward to this, because I like to see projects in process. Another big change is that Mickey’s Toontown Fair no longer exists. This does not affect me much because I don’t often travel with children and rarely went to that land. However, others may have to be prepared that a favorite attraction may be changed or missing.

As I said there is always something new. The trick to having a happy trip is to do the research and be prepared. I am looking forward to seeing these changes so I will be happy to be there. And I know there will be more changes the next time I go.

Goofy Tip: I have mentioned this site before, but you are not signed up with the Disney Parks Blog, do it now. It is a great way to learn about changes to the park and the site helps you get excited with great pictures and interviews.