A Great Quote for a Monday

P1060008I have a great deal of stressful projects going on right now and through it all I am dedicated to writing this post. By the end of the month I plan to have a new job and a new home in a new town. Since I have none of those things right now I am feeling the stress. Given a choice I’d rather be at Disneyland right now.

In looking for inspiration I opened one of my favorite books. I often find good advice in The Quotable Walt Disney. I opened to a random page and was immediately reassured by the quote I found. Since no one’s life is ever really smooth I am sharing this quote with you.

“I function better when things are going badly than when they’re smooth as whipped cream.” Walt Disney

I hope it inspires you to work through the rough patches like it inspires me. I have posted it on my mirror so I can read it every day. I guess I’ll go to Disneyland after I move. Happiness squared.

Goofy Quote: (Because one Walt Disney quote is never enough.)

The secret of juggling many responsibilities is organization.” Walt  Disney